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  • Project title: Obnova barokového kaštieľa na penzión 2* Biela dáma Čierny rytier
  • Name and address of recipient: EUROCLUB s.r.o., Matúšova 36A, 811 04 Bratislava

Short description of project

Concerns the reconstruction of major national cultural monument - Baroque castle in Kluknava, originally built in Renaissance style in the 2nd half of the 16th century. It is registered in the central register of monuments c. NKP 657/0.

The manor house is located in the village in the central part Kluknava attractive tourist region writings. Implementation of project activities resulting design 2 * guesthouse in the historical style called White Lady Black Knight (Lady White & Black Knight), meeting the standard requirements of the relevant regulations and directives, able to successfully respond to the needs of target groups, possessing a comprehensive range of tourism high standard all year round for domestic and foreign tourists. Accommodation will be provided in 7 double rooms and one luxury suite with a total capacity of 16 beds essential.

The proposed use of the property with the mansion as a function of temporary accommodation and catering as an additional function, corresponds to its original use as a residence of nobility, so a reconstruction of the layout view does not require extensive interventions in the initial mass conservation. Due to the nature of the project, the purpose of which is to restore the mansion compact object, which can not be secondarily divided into sub-divisions, which in terms of music project formed a separate activity was determined by only one major project activity - A1 Reconstruction mansion. The implementation of the main activities of the project requires:

Construction work on the reconstruction of the castle (04/2010 - 12/2011)Marketing activities (2011-2012),Supply and installation of technological equipment and interior fittings Hotel (2012)Completion of construction (04/2012).

The project has become operational after the realization of the activity in its entirety. The project will create nasal tourist attractions with significant potential to attract visitors to the region, thus creating conditions for the development of other business activities in tourism and the local population and the multiplication (multiplication) value added investments.

Project location: Kluknava
Starting date of project: 12.04.2010
End date of the project: 11.04.2012
Amount of the contribution paid: 499 999.50
Managing Authority: Ministry of Economy 
www.economy.gov.sk , www.sacr.sk

EU Slovakia

1571 - 1599 Kluknava
Slovak republic

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