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History of the castle

The village, where a castle is situated belonged to an estate of Richnava castle, a development which is dated to the end of 13th century first to Comes Eugen, a son of Jána de Rychnou, which died without leaving a son. Estate so went to descend from Žehra under Spiš castle.
From 1336 till the middle of 15th century villages belonged to Perényi family, from 1442 till 1460 brothership under command of Ján Talafús. After making a peace between Jiskra and king Matej, the castle and estate became royal ownership, since it was sold for a 12 000 of golden coins to Štefan Zápo¾ský and Štefan Rozgonyi. For a time there lived Andrej Báthory, a son in law of Thurzo. And was acquired too by a count Ján Rottal, empowered by emperor to judge Vesselényi supporters in Levoèa and Prešov.
But in 1527 the Richnava castle was broken down.
A stone blocks were used to build the castle in Kluknava reputedly during ownership of Thurzo family, which were owners of the whole estate till 1534. Thurzo family owned huge estates around Spiš region in years 1531 – 1636 and important resources were focused to a trade with copper and here is connection between Kluknava to nearby Štefanska smeltery.
After a death of Adam Thurzo, head of Spiš county in 1635, died in 1636 last man descent of Thurzo family head of Orava county Michal Thurzo, son of Stanislav III. Thurzo.
About a 50 of heiress from this power family competed for all the Thurzo estates . According to an old time law only a man had a right to inherit an estate and so whole estate fell to royal ownership.
After all in 1638 king Ferdinand III. for a big finance left Thurzo estates bound under Spiš castle to Stefan VIII. Csáky, his first wife was Eva Forgáè, one of the heiress of Alexia II.Thurzu. In 1651 Štefan Csáky gained a heritage rights for every heiress of Csáky family. Štefan Csáky so became a founder of Spiš branch of his lineage. That is why he started to repair not only Spiš castle, but in second third of 17th century the castle in Kluknava too. This time Kluknava castle became a family seat for a one branch of Csáky family.
According to other sources in Kluknava there was an old landlord seat, where a part belonged to Gábor Berthóty and equal part to a widow after Juraj Berényi Gabriela, And Csáky´s gained this castle only in 1693.
The first written remark about castle is from December 28th 1682 and it is property description of a half of Gabriel Berthoty and Juraj Beréni half from 30th January 1683.
Gabriel Berthoty was a subhead of Spiš county in 1680.
The description at that time respond to east and south wing and three towers belonged to the seat.
These descriptions witness about ownership of the castle to Csaky family from 1693, during time of Štefan X.Csáky and his sons – general Juraj III. Juraj son, head of Gemer county and his son Emanuel Csáky, which headed Spiš county in 1810. In connection to his wife there are remarks in documents of Spiš county, regarding Anna, born Szirmay, countess from Kluknava.
Archive sources of Csaky family are saved from 1740. The ownership of estates in Kluknava is recorded in a cadastral map and parcel protocol from 1868 to Anton Csáky (GKA Bratislava, Sp87).
An initial builder, or builders of the castle of Kluknava we do not know, but final building to a closed four wings ground form certainly fall under ownership to Csáky´s in 17th century.

1571 - 1599 Kluknava
Slovak republic

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