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How history get alive

A book about village issued to 700 anniversary of Kluknava I have got from major Mr Majerník, when I came for my first village.

Of course I have read it and even most of attention I have paid to history of village and most of all castle.
But this part of the book seemed to me brief, not detailed, something was missing there...

After a sudden visit of Csaky family I look at the castle walls with new eyes. It was ordinary Thursday August 14th, dark cloudy day and pretty wet all around.

In an tower I arranged office when working here I was going to open notebook and messages of architect to archeologist and postpone a date of start of research, because hydro-geologist can not come in time as a drill went out of order ...

When somebody presses the handle and was trying to open a door to the tower office.

Hurried to the door I opened it, I saw gray haired gentleman with a hat and stick like from an old picture, in a moment we introduced each other and surprises had no end that day.

Tall and slim lady Tosca Szmrecsanyi, asked me to see the tower because of the floor. As the battle field office was not a place to invite noble visitors, I have invited them all to see the castle and a courtyard instead. After a while lady Tosca would like to other tower, whether there is a old wooden floor in it.

Then she told us a story she heard in a childhood, that in one tower, where the wooden floor was, three men were killed in dangerous and bad times. The wooden floor soaked the blood and it was not possible to wash it away, the dark smudge appeared again and again ...

Then Mrs Cenka from a village hall reminded me of the story about cholera and uprising and we both intrigued by the story went to read it again and all emerged into a different picture of the castle and village.

Now I am going to send the article to lady Tosca and all, look forward to a response and hope for a further memories about an events and heroes of castle history, looking to a dark smudge in the middle of wooden floor, till now I was convinced it a colour, but decided to find out which tower was a chapel for better...

1571 - 1599 Kluknava
Slovak republic

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