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Local attraction

Local attractions and things to do nearby.

The historic monuments of Eastern Slovakia are just round the corner from Kluknava.

You can visit The Castle of Spiss and Spiss Canonry, towns such as Markusovce, Hodkovce, Bijacovce, Gelnica, Smolnik, Jasov, Betliar Manor or the Castle of Krasna Horka, and also old gold mines.

We offer guided tours of nearby monuments for a unique, more educational and joyful experience.

We recommend walking and hiking tours in the vicinity of our manor house -

  • to Stefanska huta,
  • the Wooden bridge,
  • Three Oaks,
  • Church of St. Anna,
  • Church of St. Magdalena,
  • the remains of the Richnava Castle
  • and other romantic or adventurous trails.

Resort Plejsy is very popular among skiers during the winter months and is only 6 km away.

The famous Slovak High Tatras are closer than it seems, being only a 55 km drive away and they represent a unique combination of natural features and recreational opportunities. They are an ideal place for hiking, mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking, skiing and of course relaxation. Resort Poprad Aquacity is a sensational water world with a variety of warm and geothermal pools.

The Slovak Paradise, 42 km away, offers stunning walking or hiking trails along rivers, streams or waterfalls in wild and beautiful scenery with rock cliffs.

If you more prefer the atmosphere of Middle ages and historic landmarks you should definitely visit the city of Levoca, 37 km away from Kluknava´s manor.



1571 - 1599 Kluknava
Slovak republic

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